Why your website is incomplete without SEO

Why your website is incomplete without SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It helps to improve the site’s interaction with users and search engines. It increases your website’s visibility when people search for a particular service provided by you. SEO has two major goals: first, to provide you with an understanding of what users want and second is to create a website that search engines can understand the content, find and index. SEO is the process to get the website to rank higher on search engines like Google.


Why SEO is must-have for a website?

Being on the first page of Google helps you drive major traffic to your website, and it helps with your digital success as well. SEO enables you to optimise your website to reach on the first page and get maximum CTR (Click Through Rate). Nothing is as powerful as SEO when it comes to promoting your website. SEO, when used effectively, helps in generating high revenue. SEO is the vital factor that makes your website being found online. In short, SEO is necessary to make your website more visible, generate more traffic and convert viewers into customers.

Is SEO really that important?

To put it simply, yes. SEO helps in making the website search engine and user friendly. It can help in driving traffic to your website which communicates with your content willingly than just skimming away.

Listed below are 10 reasons SEO is important for a website:

  1. Organic search result: 53% of traffic to a website comes from organic search results. Organic search results are those in Google which are not paid advertisements. (Source: brightedge.com)
  2. Traffic through SEO: On average, 83% of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO. (Source: brightedge.com)
  3. Higher Rank: A well-optimised website with targeted keywords will help your SEO ranking. It undoubtedly improves your local ranking and CTR rate.
  4. Navigation Layout: Proper SEO has a better navigation layout that helps users to navigate through your website conveniently. Users and search engines both depend on navigation design.
  5. Authority: Authority concept SEO means that your website is trustworthy, relevant, reliable and offers genuine content. More the authority of your website, the higher the ranking.
  6. Increased conversion: SEO increases your search engine traffic thus increasing the number of users that visits your page every day.
  7. Increased Visibility: The higher your SEO score, the higher you appear on search engines like Google thus increased visibility and gain in the number of customers.
  8. Promotion of website: SEO is the key to the growth of your website. SEO is important for the smooth running of your website and its social promotion.
  9. Attract users: It is important to increase useful user traffic to your website. An SEO-friendly website aids in attracting people to your website who are likely to become customers.
  10. Signals to search engineProper SEO techniques give the right signals to search engine crawlers and algorithms to crawl your website and make it reach a higher ranking.



In conclusion, SEO and website development go hand-in-hand. The importance of SEO’s inclusivity has been well established in the points mentioned above. If you want to make your website reach its full potential, a well-thought-out SEO is critical. SEO gives you the advantage to stay at top of Google search for a longer duration of time if done correctly. Due to SEO’s equity, its popularity will not weaken anytime soon.