Why Laravel and VueJS are the ideal combination

Why Laravel and VueJS are the ideal combination


Laravel is one of the most popular and widely used PHP frameworks available, made by Taylor Otwell. It can be used to build web applications, and it is open-source, so there is a large community of developers out there ready to help out with issues and support. Laravel is the go-to PHP framework for a large number of professional developers because of its features, performance, and scalability.

It was made in order to back out the improvement of web applications. It focuses on facilitating regular undertakings utilised in most web ventures, for example, verification, steering, meetings, and caching. Laravel aims to make the improvement procedure a satisfying one for the designer without sacrificing the usefulness of an application.



Vue is an open-source model view Javascript system used to construct UIs and single-page applications, made by Evan You. Vue at its core is centred around the view layer just off an application, so incorporating with different stages or existing applications is extremely simple. We can likewise utilise Vue all alone to manufacture modern single-page applications.

We can trigger UI changes that are consistent with your Vue frontend, which thus gives our clients an astounding encounter. It could be as straightforward as making a book on a page editable or swapping out a whole part to stack up a video mentioned by a client without reloading the page.

The perfect Combination

The combination of Laravel and VueJS works exceptionally well when paired together. There are many advanced features that make these softwares so compatible and effective.

With the use of the latest version of Laravel, it has been noticed that Vue software comes built-in with some other effective tools such as Bootstrap and jQuery. Another popular note has been made in the Laravel documentary, it’s observed that a small introduction has been made on how to go about using components of Vue software. It’s made notice that Laravel and Vue work well when paired together.

VueJS lets us fabricate a full-scale application that is occasion driven and has all action totally handled on the front end. It additionally gives composable parts that can be utilised in a myriad of ways. Given that it couples seamlessly with Laravel, we will just need to make a couple of excursions to demand information from the Laravel application and make UI changes by exchanging segments without reloading the page.

Some reasons to use these together can be :

  1. Everything happens on the front-end – The event driven application gives the user a seamless experience. With all the changes happening upfront, users do not have to keep reloading the pages, thanks to JavaScript.
  2. Traffic through SEO: On average, 83% of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO. (Source: brightedge.com)
  3. Reactive components make an excellent event driven app
  4. Building optimal complex front-end pages
  5. Single page application
  6. Increased conversion: SEO increases your search engine traffic thus increasing the number of users that visits your page every day.
  7. Easy to learn and use



After briefly understanding the softwares, it can be seen how the integration of Laravel and VueJS can help ease developments. Even separately these frameworks add to some major web applications in the software world, and when combined, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what they can create.

Nothing spells out high functionality, effortless usage, and an interactive interface in a web application than Laravel and Vuejs’s perfect pair.