Website Optimization

Website Optimization

What is Optimization ?

Optimization is a function of adding functionalities to a code, program, website, software system in such a way that it works efficiently with minimal use of different resources. One of the best example of this is Website Optimization.

What is Website Optimization?

The process in which various strategies, upgraded tools and techniques and analysis are invoked is known as Website Optimization.

With website optimization users will always get the best experience of any website. At this point we can also say that SEO or SEO optimization is the major part of Website Optimization.

When the user is having it’s best experience there is an increase in conversions, traffic of that particular website; apart from this there is a surge in revenue. Websites that load within 1 to 3 seconds are considered to be the fastest one’s and at the same time the quality of the website is not hindered.

If the website takes more time to load there is maximum possibility of the user switching to another website. According to statistics, the majority bounce to other websites when it takes 6 or more than 6 seconds.


Why should we use website optimization?

Nowadays Website Optimization is highly in demand as internet users are increasing day by day. The Internet has become a vital part of one’s life Example, all the bills are paid through the internet, shopping things like clothes, electronics, grocery etc are done online. According to total Google Analytics 46% are the local business search.

Presently small businesses are the trending one’s but the major pitfall also comes with it as majority of the people are not aware about that small business. The question arises what can be the solution to this problem. Answer to this is that with the help of Website Optimization the ranking of the website can be improved which will result; that the customers who never heard about any company will now come to know about that business.

Traffic on websites is simultaneously necessary for that you always need to optimize your website and content. If optimization is not done your website or business will not be noticed by anyone. Your website can get the desired traffic with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Only traffic won’t be enough for your business, you also need to adapt Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Conversion Rate Optimization helps in getting the maximum number of customers or people for your sale, aside from this you will get the genuine buyers.

Let’s quickly list out some points that why Website Optimization should be done:-

1.) Optimize your website for PERFORMANCE

2.) Optimize your website for best USER EXPERIENCE

3.) Optimize your website for increasing CONVERSIONS

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How to optimize a website?

According to many Google searches, optimization of websites is the new key for the people who want their website to be observed by many people. If anyone is running a business this should be their top most priority. To optimize a website make use of CDN(Content Delivery Network) as it includes various networks which are distributed globally as it stores the content much closer to that particular origin.

Optimize the size of images by compressing it(when you are compressing the image see to it that the quality of image is proper). As the image is compressed it will load speedily. Images can be given the effect of lazy load which helps the images to load faster and effectively, always try to keep the extension of the images as .webp(after compressing) and not .jpg, .png, jpeg etc.

Whenever the structure of a website is created there are N numbers of CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) and JS(JavaScript); this is the situation when it becomes difficult for the website to load. So to rectify this you should minimize the size of both CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) and JS(JavaScript). After minification is done a link is generated which is added into the link tag and that link tag is added into the head tag.

Plugins take lots of time to load so all the unnecessary plugins should be removed in order to improve the performance.

The content needs to be changed in a desired span of time as the old content affects the performance of the website. Whenever writing content mainly keep the focus on the keywords as the optimization of search always begins with the keywords.

Keep a check on the speed of your website for this you can make use of Google Speed Insights. This tool will give you all the suggestions for speeding up your website but it won’t particularly point out a particular web page or particular line of code in which changes need to be made. It is important to follow all the suggestions given by the tool.

Now coming to the titles, most of the time people simply keep the title of their business which is totally worthless because the customer out there doesn’t know your business. For example, one searched Best heart hospital in Mumbai, so here one is not aware of the best heart hospital in Mumbai. So, you can use such keywords for your website. By time, keep updating your titles.

We can also optimize our website with the help of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO).

How to do website optimization for Search Engines(SEO)?

Basically, SEO is a small but most important part of Website Optimization. With the help of SEO the performance of websites can be carried to heights. The h1 tag which is used for heading should be used in every web page but only once it should not be repeated more than one time. All the other tags like h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 can be used several times but this can’t be done with h1 tag.

While using meta tags description attribute should be defined uniquely and there should be no plagiarism. The structure of HTML should be proper with proper tags and inline CSS should not be involved in HTML until and unless there is need of inline CSS.

Breadcrumbs should be added to all the web pages apart from the home page with the help of which we can visit the previous web page of our website.

Keep a check of protocol in the URL(Uniform Resource Locator). There should be no difference in defining protocol in various URL’s . For example, if at first the URL is defined as and second time it is defined as so this will not be acceptable in Search Engine.

After you are completed with the coding part check for the errors in DevTools also known as Inspect by many in that console should be error free. Not even a single error should be there. Warnings will be there as in the code plugins of JS are there because of which warnings will be generated and also because of some CSS.


How to optimize your website using CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization)?

Conversion is simply the changes which are to be done in the form of color, size etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization is divided into two parts:-

Macro Conversion

  • Macro Conversion involves all the purchases from any site.
  • Subscribing to any services.
  • Requesting for a quote.

Micro Conversion

  • Micro Conversion is used for creating an account.
  • Adding a product to the cart of the site.
  • For creating mails.

The process of increasing visitors to your website who take their desired action is known as CRO. With the help of CRO you will come to know what actions users take on your website, how they move from your website and where they are lacking.

CRO generates various ideas from your website or application which can be improved; also we can validate those hypotheses with testing like Multivariate Testing and A/B Testing.