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The PHP Training course designed by Eastern Techno Solutions trains the students on Core and Advanced topics of PHP with other tools like Joomla, Word Press, Drupal using Live Projects.

Eastern Techno Solutions has years of experience in developing and deploying hundreds of projects using PHP. This software development experience is very valuable in teaching the students everything they require to learn a true development environment.

With the best industry experienced developers as faculties, Eastern Techno Solutions delivers the best PHP Training with Live Project to make students learn PHP and get placement immediately after finishing their course.

Eastern Techno Solutions gives you the choice to build your own IT carrier. We help you to upgrade your programming knowledge, skills and build successful path for your long and progressive career in PHP.

What PHP is all about?

PHP is a program that gets installed on top of your web server software.

We use PHP by inserting PHP code inside the HTML that makes up your website. When a client (anybody on the web) visits a web page that contains this code, your server executes it. That’s why you need to install your own server in order to test PHP locally — the server is the brain here, not your browser. Users don’t need any special plug-ins or anything to see your PHP in action — it gets to the end user as regular old-fashioned HTML.

PHP is a scripting language, like HTML. That means that code does not need to be compiled before it gets used — it gets processed on the fly as necessary.

Benefits you will get by learning PHP Language

  • PHP is open source means free of cost. No need to buy any license or anything else. Since it is available free in the market you can use without any hesitation.
  • With no investment and based on your skills in PHP you can start your own business by becoming a PHP Web Developer.
  • Knowing PHP can help you to start your own websites and earn money.
  • You can develop any kind of websites like from some static small websites to big dynamic websites.
  • You can change the existing applications with some of the PHP code to match your exact requirements.
  • If you learn a little PHP, you’ll find it easier to install and manage other applications.
  • Many of the most popular Web applications in the world are written in PHP: Word Press, Drupal, Joomla, and many others. So, with that you can make your path for success.