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Eastern Techno Solutions provides C programming training according to the current requirement of IT industry. If you are interested in becoming a programmer, there are a couple of benefits you can gain from learning C. Our instructors give more practical knowledge than theoretical. You can develop your own programs after understanding the basics from our highly knowledgeable teachers. Your confidence as a programmer increases.

Why to learn C Language?

1. C is one of the foundations for modern Computer Science and Information Technology –
The experience in C will help you to understand the working principles such as other programming languages, network communication, parallel processing, real-time systems and many others.
2. C is the most commonly used programming language in industry –
The largest part games and elementary robot control software are written in C or C++. With the knowledge of C, you will not only be able to play games and robots, but also understand their underlying working principles and potentially develop their own games and robots.
3. C is the base for almost all popular programming languages –
Almost all popular cross-platform programming languages and scripting languages, such as C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP and Bash, are implemented in C and borrowed syntaxes and functions heavily from C. So, once you have learned C, they can pick up any other languages by themselves

Why to learn C Language?

4. C programming is becoming a necessary skill for the professions –
For everyone, who want to start their career as a programmer or developer; must LEARN C. C is known as the mother of all languages. It is a common belief, you can learn any other high-level language easily and quickly that if you know C.
5. C is the language of choice for programming embedded with hardware interfaces –
Device drivers of new devices are always written in C. The reason is that C provides you access to the basic elements of the computer. It gives you straight access to memory of your CPU through pointers. It allows you to operate and play with bits and bytes.


Eastern Techno Solutions provides 100% practical and real-time based training on C++. We cover all the fundamentals, real-time and advanced concepts during the course. Our training program equips you to implement your knowledge in development.

Why to learn C++?

  1. C++ on your resume can often lead to Salary++.
  2. Learning C++ will help you learn about memory management.
  3. You will be capable enough to write code on interface with raw hardware.
  4. As a C++ developer, you are first and foremost a software engineer – you may utilize many languages over the course of your career.
  5. It also comes with the expectation that you’ll continue to learn and develop new technological skills across a lifetime.