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Best Project Training in Surat with real-time experience of working on client's projects through our project training programs. Our project training includes but is not limited to Java/Advanced Java, Android, PHP, .NET, PhoneGap, etc.

Eastern Techno Solutions offers projects training to engineering students to give them an exposure to the real-time work environment by letting them work on live projects.

Our objective is to assist candidates in enhancing their overall skills set to improve their employability level to match industry expectations and it will be totally a practical exposure to the students.

Topics Covered

Experience of working on live projects

The project training program is designed to enable interns to work on live projects to give them an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the classroom. Interns get to see the immediate impact of programming tools and techniques applied by them.

Who should attend

Benefits for students
More and more corporations around the world recognize that, in order to gain a competitive advantage, they need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate with the new technologies. Some of the things, which students will learn during their project training at Eastern Techno Solutions are:

  • Real time trainees
  • Assured opportunities in top companies
  • Exposure to current technologies
  • Corporate culture

Key Takeaways

At the end of the project training you will be provide training certificate. High performers will be considered for job opportunities.