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In order to efficiently and rapidly collecting, arranging, and understand key insight from large amounts of the database need help from custom software and database engineers who are aware of most popular database development services and technologies. Eastern Techno Solutions is among the top database development companies in Melbourne helping businesses leverage a large amount of data through custom database solutions.

Our website database development services include 4 essential steps

Requirement Analysis

The requirements for each client are analysed to gather information about the business functions.

Conceptual Design

The high-level description of the database along with the relationship between various entities and attributes are defined in a graphical view.

Logical Design

The whole process of the data model is mapped out.

Physical Design

Finally the tables are created and relations are implemented.


Our Database Development Solutions

Our skilled database developers can plan any model of the database to suit your software requirements, comprising a hierarchical database model, relational database model, object-oriented database model, an entity-relationship model. We utilize agile methodology, so our database developers interact with front-end and back-end developers to develop an ideal data-driven solution.

We make data-driven web, mobile, and desktop applications that take full advantage of robust database solutions, allowing your users to access data from any device with a guarantee that all information is transferred along secure channels. All our database applications have instinctive UI/UX designs.

Contemporary enterprises need contemporary database solutions to manage the continuous flow of information from the website inquiry form, CRM platforms, and financial operations. We create data flow from all your inputs and automate processes for structuring, organizing, and indexing your critical data.

Our database developers have in-depth knowledge of working with popular database management software such as Oracle DB, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, and mobile database development tools like SQLite.

Organizing your data is one thing and finding a way how to take advantage of it is another thing. We grab structured data and transform into actionable Business Intelligence, producing sharable reports, automating data-dependent processes, forecasting market trends, and discover opportunities for improvement within your enterprise.

We enable migration and transfer of old data to new applications smoothly with our secure and reliable database migration service. We can integrate your database to your existing web application with the same data without any trouble through our integration solution.

Why choose us for database development services?

Using a persistent internet connection and assisted device, our database solution let the user access and handle database anywhere. We make database applications that let retrieving the data in the exact shape you require with simple sorting, querying, and filtering rules. We conduct database performance monitoring on various platform environments to discover and resolve issues. We simplify incoming data into organized sets for good administration, data security, automation, and cooperation.

What are the Different Steps in Our Database Development Process?

We try to offer our clients top-quality services within quick time. This becomes possible due to our streamlined and systematic database development approach. So what are the database development process we adherence? Here we have listed the key steps in our process.


In this phase, we comprehend the customer’s need and make a plan for enterprise modeling and conceptual data modeling.


In this stage, we conduct an in-depth requirement analysis of system specifications and integrated conceptual data modeling.

Logical Design

Here we make a structure for the database together with transactions, views, data security and integrity.


We perform programming, testing, documenting, and installing database.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We assist the client in continuously monitoring, enhancing performance, and tuning the system along with other error resolving.

Physical Design

We develop database processing plans etc.


Let us design the perfect database for your website

Our years of experience in website database development lets us design secure, stable and robust databases to handle all the collected data.

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