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Eastern Techno Solutions excels in PhoneGap Development in India. Being one of the leading web developing companies, we use PhoneGap, an open source framework to develop mobile applications. The PhoneGap development uses web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to bring the applications to life. It supports all major platforms like iOS, Android and the likes. The one-time code development makes the working of the application easy across various platforms. The advanced technology has enabled PhoneGap to interact with hardware devices such as GPS and Accelerometer.

To meet all your requirements, our expert PhoneGap developers look into each and every minute detail of the project. The development process includes one-time app building that can run on different platforms. Before launching your app, the PhoneGap developers test it’s running over various mobile operating systems to save you the cost of development and time. After the successful testing, your application is ported to multiple platforms to be launched, making the whole process thirty times faster than the usual.

Trust us to turn your app into a sensation with our PhoneGap development in India.


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PhoneGap development is your answer to a successful application on multiple interfaces. Giving you an impeccable design, smooth functioning and the ease of access, PhoneGap development is your business’ road to success.

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