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As one of the superior information technology consulting services provider, Eastern Techno Solution in Melbourne provides customized IT consultancy services and business IT support to organizations of any size. Through our IT consultancy services, we can take your business to the next level by making highly effective IT strategies and implementing innovative solutions.

Through our IT consulting services, we can aid you to design, develop, and implement business models through the latest technologies and accelerate your business. To drive business from a productive perspective in this competitive era, we develop the most advanced solution by taking advantage of innovative technologies. Out IT consulting team takes transformation initiatives in terms of cloud, data, and machine learning to utilize the power of digital. We provide flexible delivery models to satisfy your business needs and assist you to strategize and implement advanced solutions.

Use the expertise of Eastern Techno Solution to make an extensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that is aligned with your business goals. Our strategic IT consulting team will give you assistance with regards to automate and digitalize operations, software portfolio, and execute the latest technology.

Our IT Consulting Services

We furnish IT consulting services that will allows you improve your software architecture, make a technology driven digital strategy and boost business operations by optimising your software portfolio. From careful planning to execution of outlined IT strategy, our consultants will complete your digital transformation journey.

IT Strategy Consulting & New Tech

Nowadays, you require delivering high-quality IT products and services for your enterprise workflow and your customers. You also need to implement the latest technologies to stay ahead from your competitors and satisfy the needs of modern users. Our IT solutions consulting team will assist you to maintain a balance between these two objectives, ensuring they don’t conflict with each other.

Software Portfolio Consulting

Our IT consulting advisors will perform an in-depth analysis with regards to how your business and employees use your existing enterprise software and mobile strategy. Then, they will propose recommendations for the necessary changes, new developments, and integration of third-party solutions to eliminate the existing roadblocks.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Our consultant team can give you support from shifting old and ineffective IT delivery systems to a cloud-based infrastructure that simplifies delivery and enables you execution of the latest technologies into your software strategy.


Why Choose us for our IT Consulting Services?

Our committed IT consultant team guide you for the best. Their quality advice forever works for the businesses and satisfy their requirements of the digital age by making use of advance technologies.

Our IT consultant’s operational functions and their workflow process take your business to the next level. We provide the advance application with custom options that allows you a simpler manage option and supports all time.

Our IT consultants give you a fully integrated solution for businesses. We make use of numerous technologies to understand every factor of your business to make sure that you can run the application without any trouble.

We offer top IT solutions and satisfy all customer’s requirements as well as serves quick business strategize solutions to reduce the time to market.

We integrate all business current applications with our advanced application solutions and combine them to work together. You can also handle all the tasks on a single control panel to make it simply accessible.

Our IT Consulting Process

For last many years, we have been aiding organizations of different sizes by improving and modernize their IT strategies. Many of our IT consultants have wide experience. This enables us to make a better approach to IT consulting and provide you maximum benefits in a quick time.


Our IT consulting team examines your current software solutions and the manner in which your employees use them, recognizing problems in workflows and automation.


The consulting team makes a strategy that will help your business to take advantage of the latest technologies.


Effective IT consulting services depends on how closely client and IT consulting communicate with each other. Our team closely examines your workflows, tracking the performance to find out difficulties. Our consultants will then eliminate the hinder elements.


After finishing the earlier set goals, our IT consulting team suggests steps for future improvements and help with implementing them.


Make your business unstoppable with our IT consulting services!

At Eastern Techno Solutions, your concerns become ours. With us by your side, a technical glitch will never be your problem. We carry out an in-depth study to analyse each of your technological concerns, and provide you with a range of solutions that are on par with the current technological trends.

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