The Modist

It is a global e-commerce platform for luxury, modest fashion which is committed to curating stylish clothing that takes a modest approach to dress. Modest fashion is clothing that veers on the conservative side and conceals rather than accentuates the body. While the decision to wear this type of clothing can be due to religious or cultural reasons, it can also be worn to attain a more modest aesthetic. Carving a niche for itself in the fashion industry, The Modist has become synonymous with the very concept of luxury modest fashion, earning the brand a name for itself amongst the fashion elites.

Seamlessly fusing fashion and functionality, The Modist curates luxury apparel from 180+ designers and contemporary ready-to-wear brands that focus on a modest style of dressing. Pioneers in the modest fashion movement, the brand have become the go-to online destination for women whose style is rooted in a modest sensibility.

  • Data Collection: Integration of Firebase analytics allows unconstricted, unmatched reporting on more than 500 events used to evaluate client behaviour, user interactions, and segment the app audience on various parameters and grounds such as user characteristics or device information. Gives a unique set of real-time information on how users are using the app.
  • Custom Interface: To avoid the chaos of hybrid apps, we developed custom native apps for the brand which were fully customised to improve user experience. The custom interface removes unnecessary clutter, and is visually more pleasing, making it easier for users to navigate.
  • Intuitive Navigation: The custom interface allowed users to navigate easily, allowing them to move through pages seamlessly, which greatly improved the user experience.
  • Push Notifications: Push notifications are an undeniable asset for any e-commerce business. It is essential for user retention and is used to keep customers informed of upcoming sales and discounts. We integrated machine learning algorithms that send push notifications based on past user’s experience, region, type of product, wishlist etc. to remind users to check out their cart when they have products stored in it, helping increase revenue as well as user retention.
  • Geo Targeting: We incorporated geo-targeting in the app, enabling the brand to deliver different content or products to consumers based on their geographical locations and local trends.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Making sure app users get as much information about products as desktop shoppers, we included multiple pictures & a video of each item taken under different angles to simplify the shopping process, and make it easier for customers to decide between buying.
  • A Cohesive Experience: We tailored the pages to prominently display the key sub-categories while staying true to the brand’s core aesthetic which was chic yet minimal. The interface adapted seamlessly to show off the rich, high-resolution images showcasing the products, providing the users with a cohesive experience.

Eastern Techno Solutions supplied The Modist with a native Android phone application and a native iPhone application as before that, TheModist company already had a hybrid iPhone app that is had very restricted features and limited usability on a mobile device. We focused on developing an app that would immensely improve user experience with an intuitive interface and a myriad of features aimed at boosting revenue as well as engagement with the brand’s customer base.

The native apps needed to increase user retention, be easy-to-navigate, have a wide range of payment options, and overall improve user experience. Our team focused on these goals, developing a range of features built into the app that would accomplish these goals seamlessly. We built a custom interface for the apps with a wide range of features that ended up exponentially boosting The Modist’s sales and revenue.

Client’s Feedback:
Eastern Techno Solutions has done a remarkable job of creating apps that are beautiful as well as functional. Very impressed with the attention to detail and excellent customer service.