Squash Players – Mobile App

Squash is regarded as a dying sport dwindling in popularity; it was even announced by the Olympic Committee that it will not feature in the 2024 Olympics. However, the spectacularly exhilarating sport is still beloved by its players who firmly believe that the sport will reawaken in the 21st century.

  • Store and Sync: store and sync information between devices and users at a global scale using a cloud-hosted database, along with offline support, efficient information queries, and live synchronisation.
  • Secure Authentication: manages and maintains the user base in a simple and protected manner using various methods to authenticate including passwords and email, third-party providers such as Facebook or Google, or using the existing account system directly.
  • Cloud Storage: store and share user-generated content through the app with simple yet powerful object storage. Using Firebase enabled us to add stellar Google security to all file downloads and uploads, regardless of network quality.
  • Crash Analytics: greatly reduces troubleshooting time by turning a deluge of crashes into a workable list of issues. With the use of Firebase, it is easy to access clear, decipherable, actionable insight into which issues to resolve first by directly seeing user impact.
  • In-app messaging: keeps user base active and engaged with targeted messages that encourage them to open and participate in meaningful actions.
  • Cloud Messaging: easily send messages or notifications to your entire user base across platforms: Android, iOS, the web. Messages can even be sent to a large group of devices, a single device, or to users of specific demographics.
  • Payment Gateway: integration of a wide range of payment gateways within the app, including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more, making it easy for the vast majority of users to buy and shop with ease without having to exit the app.
  • An Engaging Experience: users can easily chat with other users, local or global, add friends and opponents to make it easier to set up and schedule games, and access all game statistics.

Eastern Techno Solutions conceptualised this app to revive the dying sport by promoting it through a user-friendly app that lets users engage with squash. We used state-of-the-art technology to develop the app, using Flutter’s SDK and DART as the programming language. Flutter helped us build a high-performance that is efficient, productive and provides a highly customised user experience.

It is a platform for all things related to the sport of squash: from venue details to game statistics. Available on Android phones as well as iPhones, Squash Players is an app that lets users record their personal squash scores, find squash courts in their vicinity, stay updated on the game of squash globally, check other users’ game statistics, engage with squash-related events, and so much more. Owners of squash courts can also advertise events, merchandise or more within the app, enabling other users to buy tickets, passes, squash-related equipment, or goodies.

Firebase was used extensively in the app to make it more powerful, scalable, and secure. It also gives unparalleled insights into app stability and app performance, enabling us to channel resources accordingly. Firebase also helps the app grow by increasing user engagement and retention, which will help fulfil the goal of making it a go-to, essential app for squash players globally.

Client’s Feedback:
Overall very pleased with the app. Eastern Techno’s professionalism and commitment towards the project was commendable. If you require a team that takes care of everything from A to Z, ETS is the company.