Optima Value Pro

A cloud-based solution software designed to simplify the process of property valuation along with day-to-day operations. OVP cuts down the mundane duplication process and helps valuers focus on generating consistent, customisable and accurate property valuation reports.

This mobile and web-based application is intended as a useful starting point to help one determine an independent and unbiased assessment of what a property might be worth in today’s market. Through this, a property valuer will be able to manage multiple property valuation projects in real-time, taking into account special features, location, and other important factors, thereby enabling them to make quick informed decisions.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness: Multiple property evaluation projects can be managed simultaneously via one single app. The website is designed so that it is user-friendly & easy to navigate.
  • Multi-platform sync: Instant synchronisation of data from both platforms (web and app) to ensure simultaneous work on projects. It enables easy and efficient access and is supported on all operating systems.
  • Real-time updates: All the latest technology has been used to support real-time data handling. Get real-time email and message notifications on the phone regarding the status of projects. This is crucial for internal communication among employees to delegate, share, and manage tasks effectively to meet project deadlines.
  • Refer & Review: Property documents uploaded on a real-time basis can be referred easily. The valuations can be reviewed simultaneously using the comment feature.
  • Privacy and Security: One login per user ensures the safety of data. The app assigns rights to access data.
  • Easy Workflow: Comprehensive Dashboard & MIS for better management & single-window workflow analysis. Assign data according to roles & designation. Extensively survey pending work of different customers in a solitary window.
  • Data Collection: Record voice memos during an on-site inspection for accurate data entry. Take on-site pictures and the data is uploaded on one platform which can be referred to later. Analyse locations with a 360° view using a Geotag system.
  • Organizational Efficiency: Improved employee productivity and performance review as a result of a streamlined workflow.

Eastern Techno Solutions supplied Optima Value Pro with a multi-platform app that was built for real-time data management. We focused on building a seamless experience for users as soon as we understand OPV’s requirements. Creating a suitable environment was crucial for the internal communication among employees so as to delegate, share and manage tasks effectively to match their project deadlines.

The multi-platform app improves business mobility as multiple property valuation projects need to be managed efficiently, especially in real-time. It simplifies report management and offers on-the-go data collection and analysis. We designed a comprehensive, customisable dashboard for valuers to monitor and analyze the performance of their projects on a central location.

Client’s Feedback:
The prompt assistance and timely service were commendable. This is going to be revolutionary software in our industry.