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Blockchain: A Decentralized Structure

Blockchain is a splitted ledger, a method of recording various information with which it is not possible or difficult to hack, change or escape any system. Blockchain information is being shared or is distributed with the entire network of their Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is a digitally shared/distributed, decentralized, immutable, distributed/public ledger that stores or facilitates the records.

Live Your Imagination with Virtual Reality

With the use of technology an artificial environment; which seems realistic, is known as Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality creates a Virtual Environment. This can be experienced through two things: sound and sight.

Virtual Reality(VR) is a fake or simulated world; it is not a real world, it is actually an imaginative world of animation. Here are some examples of Virtual Reality which we have already experienced like Real Estate, Healthcare, Tourism etc.

The Biggest Biggest World of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is a process within which complex big data doesn't cover information like hiding patterns, market trends, correlations that helps any organization.

Big Data always consists of a spread of information. Big Data isn't only in trend now but it's been buzzing since early 2000, mainly to handle unstructured data. With this came into existence technologies like Spark, Hadoop, NoSQL so it becomes easy to store vast data.

Cloud Computing: Power to Network

Cloud computing is an IT term which we get to hear constantly nowadays. It is a technology which is based virtually; it makes use of remote servers to manage, access and store all the data online.

The functions of large clouds mostly are distributed over various locations, each and every location is considered as a data centre. This may also lead to unexpected operating expenses. To overcome these expenses we can make use of the pay-as-you-go model.

Effortless Data Analytics For A Better Tomorrow

Data analytics is a process of investigating sensitive or raw data to reach certain conclusions. Performance can be optimized by using Data Analytics.

Well when you need to conclude any data which is raw at that moment Data Analytics is used rather it can be said that after analyzing raw data to draw trends and reach it’s conclusions.

Website Optimization

Optimization is a function of adding functionalities to a code, program, website, software system in such a way that it works efficiently with minimal use of different resources. One of the best example of this is Website Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization vs Pay-Per-Click

A question that is asked quite often is, “Which is better, SEO or PPC?”. Well, it actually depends on your objective, marketplace and current situation. The major difference is, SEO is an organic search, that is it drives traffic to your website by optimizing your web pages whereas PPC is paid search, which is the ads that you pay for to stay at the top of the search engine results.

Explore the working of each acquisition strategy, its pros and cons, and which better suits your business.

Why Your Business Needs Stellar Mobile App Development

In this modern world of advanced technology, every other person has easy access to a smartphone. This makes it incredibly easy for business owners to connect, engage, and collaborate with their target audiences. This pool of people can be easily reached with a stellar mobile application which can skyrocket the revenue potential of your business.

Read on to know how an exceptional mobile application can boost your business.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development

There’s a new player in the game of mobile app development and it’s causing quite a stir. Or a Flutter. The mobile framework was developed by Google and is completely open source. It can be used to build mobile apps for Android, iOS and Google Fuchsia. It’s based on Dart, Google’s own programming language, as well as the Skia graphics library–what Chrome uses. But is Flutter suitable for you, or your business? We review the advantages, as well as the disadvantages below.

Organic SEO vs Paid SEO

More often than not, the first few results on the SERP are paid ads that are relevant to your search inquiry, while the middle results are curated from the web to match your search query organically, which is not necessarily paid advertising. Establishing an online presence for your business is essential, but you can bolster it when you drive traffic onto your website with either organic SEO, paid SEO, or even both! Read on to learn more about each, and whether organic SEO or paid SEO is the right option for your business.

Why Laravel and VueJS are the ideal combination

The combination of Laravel and VueJS works exceptionally well when paired together. There are many advanced features that make these softwares so compatible and effective. Read on to find some interesting reasons to use these two together.

Why your website is incomplete without SEO

If you want users to land on your site, you’ll need to understand how search engines work and what they require from your site. To help you with landing customers on your website, SEO is your best friend. A website without SEO is like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing bit, a website is incomplete without SEO. Here's a look at the importance of SEO for your website.

Choose the best  Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps vs Native Apps using Flutter

Depending on your business goals and requirements, the decision to build your mobile app as either native or hybrid or using Flutter, could make or break the success of your mobile project. There are variety of factors you need to consider. Here are the key considerations.